Imaging Paris: Rue Mouffetard

Shoppers throng Rue Mouffetard in Paris even in winter.
]Photo by jsolal75005]

I’ve wondered what my Paris ‘hood looks like this winter. Here’s a shot of Rue Mouffetard taken last Sunday, Dec. 30. Thanks to jsolal75005 for sharing this image in the Creative Commons.

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4 Responses to Imaging Paris: Rue Mouffetard

  1. ms modigliani says:

    Surprisingly with the exception of people in winter jackets, Rue Mouffetard looks like it did in June when we strolled down it looking for bread and wine.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    I couldn’t tell whether people in the photo were wearing winter jackets. I wondered after posting it whether it was really taken Dec. 30, or simply uploaded to Flickr then. I’m still looking for recent views of Paris winter streets. It’s like looking down from the balcony to see whether people have coats and umbrellas.

  3. jsolal75005 says:

    Elle est sympa la Mouf le dimanche matin!
    This picture was taken December 30th 2007, weather was not bad that day!
    Thanks for giving me credit for my pict :-)

  4. Mark Willis says:

    Thank you so much, jsolal75005 . I love took look down that street!

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