Fashionista Street: Bowlers Are Back

Jean Paul Gaultier's bowler hatstranscend punk banker chic.No, not bowling shirts. The hat, a la City of London, René Magritte, and A Clockwork Orange.

That’s the big news from Day 1 of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The prattle behind the prance at Jean Paul Gaultier: bowlers evoke smug banker conservatism and punk rebellion, transcending both. Buy one today and touch up your soft-shoe on “Singing in the Rain.”

Day 2: “Fashion transforms wild men into princes” — and jesters — with a retro-Elizabethan look from John Galliano. He says his inspiration comes from silhouettes of Henry VIII and Richard III along with 16th-century Frost Fairs, when the Thames froze and fashionistas partied on the ice.

This report from France 24 includes a flashback to Paris, May 1968. No, not riot police and barricades at the Sorbonne. It’s guys in suits traipsing the catwalk at Rue de Grenelle, when Sonia Rykiel was crowned “the Queen of Mid-wear.” Now the look is “strict but free” according to her news release. “Men are always on a mission,” she says, “and they shouldn’t stray from it.” {Photo source:]

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