Imaging Paris: Brigitte, Meet Pablo

Brigitte Bardot meets Pablo Picasso on the French Riviera.

Who wouldn’t want to meet Picasso, given the chance? Sometime after Lee Miller dropped by his studio when Paris was liberated, Brigitte Bardot made the pilgrimage, too. I think this shot comes from the French Riviera, not Paris, but close enough. The image also comes from somewhere deep in my childhood memory. Somehow even then I knew there was European dazzle, something wild and pagan, not at all like 1950sEisenhower America.

According to the image source [Google Images/JAMD/Halton Archive/Getty], Picasso is measuring BB’s stellar personality with a light meter. The time stamp is Sunday, January 1, 1950. I haven’t found any other details about this conjunction of icons. If anyone knows, pass it along.

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