Paris Street Art: Atoll 13

Paris street art by Atoll 13; photo by vitostreet.

Thanks to vitostreet for sharing this image in the Creative Commons. See more at StreetArtPariS. The photo also is tagged for the Wooster Collective pool.

Imaging Paris documents places in the city and the images that inhabit them. “Just as every tried-and-true experience also includes its opposite, so here the perfected art of the flaneur includes a knowledge of ‘dwelling,’” Walter Benjamin said. “The primal image of ‘dwelling,’ however, is the matrix or shell-that is, the thing which enables us to read off the exact figure of whatever lives inside it. Now, if we recollect that not only people and animals but also spirits and above all images can inhabit a place, then we have a tangible idea of what concerns the flaneur and of what he looks for. Namely, images, wherever they lodge. The flaneur is the priest of the genius loci.” [From “The Return of the Flaneur”]

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