Fashionista Street: Selling Short

Young women in New York challenge economic indicators with rising hemlines, according to NYT “On the Street” photographer Bill Cunningham.
[Photo by Bill Cunningham/NYT]

Count me among the true believers in Burton Malkiel”s A Random Walk Down Wall Street. That’s a flaneur’s approach to capitalism if ever there were one. I don’t lose sleep at night worrying about leading economic indicators. I’m hunkered down with the bears right now. As the economy sinks deeper into recession, though, I find hope in Bill Cunningham’s observation that young women in New York are taking boldly contrarian positions with rising hemlines. Bless them all!

Stylophile noted the trend in skirts during New York Fashion Week, adding the droll admonition, “Wear them a little too short and the world is your gynecologist.” Or your stock broker.

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