Fashionista Street : April Can Wait

Critiquing the style spectacle seen from a sidewalk cafe in Paris is a major spectator sport that hits its peak during Fashion Week, according to Bill Cunningham’s latest On the Street photo essay. [Source: NYT]
[Photo by Bill Cunningham/NYT]

I know this cafe. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Pont des Beaux Arts foot bridge and the statue of Voltaire. It has a grand view of the Quai de la Seine, where it can feel as windswept as the Russian steppe even in June. Traffic noise on the quai overwhelms intimate conversation sometimes. Positioned s strategically between the Louvre and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, it does have the kind of fashionista through-put Bill Cunningham describes in today’s On the Street photo essay:

Critiquing the style spectacle seen from a sidewalk cafe in Paris is a major spectator sport that hits its peak during Fashion Week, an intense series of designer shows that ended earlier this month. Women — and a few men — who dress as an art form mixed in with models wearing exotic hairstyles rushing from show to show. Celebrities either passed nearly unnoticed (can you spot one here?) or were chased by paparazzi. Known for her exotic hats is the Italian Vogue editor, Anna Piaggi. The latest twist: skirts shortened to expose lacy undergarments [alas, you won’t see that in the online slide show; you have to buy the paper]. And that celebrity? Kanye West .

To a certain Fashionista who must be arm-wrestled to persuade her to keep her head warm: look at this. Hats are in.

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4 Responses to Fashionista Street : April Can Wait

  1. ms modigliani says:

    Ms Modigliana did not need to be arm wrestled this winter to wear a hat. Although our paltry snowfall of 186 cm could complete with Montreal’s 348 cm or St. John’s 648 cms, it was still enough to compel me to either stay home or brave the snowstorms with hat on head. I’m hoping the snow days are over now in March, and I can put away my furry winter hat. However, some of the spring hat styles from the NYTimes are appealing, especially the sports caps. I’ll be looking for one with multi-coloured sequins.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    That’s good. Since this has been the Year of the Coat, I think next season will be the Year of the Hat. I’m already planning it with your couturier.

    p.s. I just found five of Amanda’s roosters & chickens clucking at the back door. They want in!

  3. ms modigliani says:

    Hope you won’t serve chicken pot pie tonight!

  4. Mark Willis says:

    Silky had a look, saw that there were 5 of them, and wanted no part of it. The rooster is formidable.

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