Playing By Ear: ‘The Vision Thing’

Steve Kuusisto and his guide dog Vidal.Steve Kuusisto discussed his New York Times op-ed about David Paterson on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Steve, I like the way you drove home the message about problem-solving skills and “capacious memory.” Right on!

“I imagine the future governor’s information-gathering skills are supple and inexhaustible,” he wrote in the op-ed. “Blind people are invariably creative and resourceful. Obviously we’re good listeners. But what people may not know is that learning to have a keen sense for what others are talking about requires developing an equally sharp curiosity about human beings. When people talk to me, I can’t just listen; I am also compelled to take stock of the person behind the words. This means asking questions that might not occur to people who can see.”

Steve blogs at Planet of the Blind. And here’s my 2 cents on David Paterson.

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