Café Mouffe: Dusty Springfield

Set 1: Dusty Springfield. I Only Want To Be With You. Broadcast on Dutch TV on January 23,1964. All I See Is You. Broadcast on Dusty’s BBC TV show on August 22, 1967.

Ms. Modigliani won’t take off her go-go boots since she found these vintage clips of Dusty Springfield. I’m astonished at how rapidly the 60s look changed — not just Dusty’s hairdo, but also the TV production values. I prefer the almost spontaneous, noir feel of the Ready Steady Go! clip to the Elvis-in-sequins look of Son of A Preacher Man, which was a hit single long before the legendary Dusty in Memphis album was released.

You might think this music is too Las Vegas for a hole in the wall like the Mouffe, but there are precedents. Van Morrison came to the village in 1970 to give a free, surprise concert on the Antioch golf course. The idea was shooting film for a concert movie (think Woodstock and Altamont) that was never made. Old hippies of a certain age now ask themselves, did that really happen, or are we having a collective flashback?

Set 2: Dusty Springfield. Son of a Preacher Man. No documentation available.

Set 3: Dusty Springfield. Can I Get A Witness? Broadcast on the U.K’s “Ready Steady Go!” on August 28, 1964.

Café Mouffe opens every Friday at 3:00 p.m. Please drop by for a listen and a chat. Sometimes the embedded videos don’t work here due to bandwidth constraints, but you’ll always find links to video sources in the set notes. Try them. If you’re curious about the Mouffe, here’s the original idea behind it’s creation.

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