Fashionista Street: Stepping Up

Stylish heels grace the streets of Paris. [Photo b Bill Cunningham/NYT]This week’s On The Street photo essay includes an audio narration by Bill Cunningham. He talks about some stunning spring shoes that caught his eyes. The photographer sounds almost avuncular. Who wouldn’t want him to snap her picture? And he swears it’s all in a day’s work — no evening wear here. “These women were business women, often in the fashion world. They weren’t women of the night… It’s the philosophy, anything’s possible.”

Maybe, but it can lead to mischief when a curious flaneur works the streets of Paris. Cunningham shot one pair of Pradas with heels like stems that “bud into some kind of purple flower. I didn’t get down to see because a lot of people think I’m kind of strange when I get too close photographing shoes,” he says. “I tell them I have a foot fetish, and of course, that ends the whole thing.”

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