An Osprey On Yellow Springs Creek

An osprey in flight. [Source: Wikimedia Commons]
[Source: Wikimedia Commons]

I tried to be in the woods by 6:30 yesterday morning so I could hear the dawn chorus at its peak cacophony. I missed it by half an hour. There were no other people out there then, and the bottomlands were suffused by a cool, quiet mist. On Yellow Springs Creek I startled a large bird of prey perched on a branch over the water. It surprised me as well. As it flew overhead and I heard its shrill, piping cry, I realized it was an osprey.

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2 Responses to An Osprey On Yellow Springs Creek

  1. ms modigliani says:

    What a striking photo of an osprey. Remarkable are the talons, harp, curled, ready to sweep away a small rodent or rabbit or OH NO, a cat!

  2. Mark Willis says:

    No cats. Ospreys are fish eaters. Those talons pluck fish right out of the water, though sometimes the bird is pulled under until its massive wings beat back and rise again.

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