Mouffe at the Movies: The Archaic Revival

Call it synchronicity. On the day Albert Hoffmann died in Switzerland, I was pointed to this psychedelic rap by Terence McKenna. The clip comes from his 1993 film, Alien Dreamtime. The mycological mytho-poetic world view follows his book, The Archaic Revival. Thanks to Alex at augmented illusions for showing me this.

Before his untimely death from brain cancer in 2000, McKenna described his cosmogonic role as “harlequin.” Eric Davis called him a “psychedelic bard” in a Wired magazine profile the same year:

Since claiming the mantle of Tripster King from Timothy Leary, McKenna has earned his keep as a stand-up shaman on the lecture circuit, regaling groups of psychonauts, seekers, and boho intellectuals with tales involving mushrooms, machine consciousness, and the approaching end of history. Weird stuff, and wonderfully told…

McKenna serves as this hidden world’s most visible “altered statesman.” He has written five books – two with his brother – and has developed a worldwide following. Brainy, eloquent, and hilarious, McKenna applies his Irish gift of gab to making a simple case: Going through life without trying psychedelics is like going through life without having sex. For McKenna, mushrooms and DMT do more than force up the remains of last night’s dream; they uncover the programming language of mind and cosmos.

“The psychedelic experience is not the equivalent of a dust bunny under your psychic bed,” says McKenna. “It’s a product of the fractal laws that govern the world at an informational level. There is no deeper truth.”

Anyone who wants to know more about him should read Terence McKenna’s Last Trip.

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