California Dreamin’: No Coot Poop Allowed

American coot. (Fulica americana). [Source:]This news story reminds me of something I overheard several years ago when bird flu was the paranoid craze. Why doesn’t the Air Force go up and take out all those birds? According to NPR: “Can coots (a black and white bird the size of a football) co-exist with the homeowners of a wealthy California subdivision? The homeowners say the birds have to go, but the plan to shoot them or poison them seems problematic with children around. And the coot is protected by the Migratory Bird Act.”

NPR didn’t attempt to interview any coots for this story, but I can imagine the dispute from their perspective: These humans are OK in their place. They mow the grass, and we like that. But they’re noisy, and they dump some disgusting stuff in the rivers and lakes.

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