What Al Gore Should Say To Hillary

A statue of Cincinnatus in Cincinnati, Ohio. [Source: Wikipedia]An Open Letter to Al Gore:

What do you do for fulfillment after a majority of American voters choose you for President and you lose the election by one vote in the U.S. Supreme Court? You bow out like a statesman, “for the good of the nation,” but that gesture pales after seven years of your opponent’s fraudulent reign. There is no way to avoid what Arianna Huffington called the politician’s “Wickedest Bitch of them all“: having a giant red ‘Loser’ stamped on your forehead and resume. Maybe politicians who stumble big time should be put out of their misery immediately like thoroughbreds at the Kentucky Derby.

Al, you proved otherwise. Assuming the mantle of global champion in the fight to save the Earth is a noble second act. Winning an Academy Award and Nobel Prize had to salve the ego. It’s OK if you still nurse little resentments and grand delusions once in a while. We all do.

So if you are waiting like Cincinnatus in the fields, waiting for another call to glory, here it is. Put on your toga. Tell Hillary Clinton what you alone among super-delegates can say with honesty and authenticity: “Hillary, I’ve been there. I know how it feels to wage a close, hard-fought campaign. I know how ego-bruising it feels to yield. You can wreck the Democratic Party, but you can’t win the nomination now. For the good of the nation, you need to bow out.”

Do it today, Al, and you’ll be the leader who turned the tide. Do it next week or next month and we might all have that red stamp on our foreheads.

About the image: A statue of Cincinnatus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its inscription reads: “With one hand he returns the fasces, symbol of power as appointed dictator of Rome. His other hand holds the plow, as as he resumes the life of a citizen and farmer.” [Source: Wikipedia]

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