Playing By Ear: Audio Embeds

Alex at augmented illusions embedded an audio clip of Common swifts, a harbingerr of spring where he is in Rotterdam. Hearing them transported me to the apartment balcony in Paris where Ms. Modigliani and I have spent many a midsummer night’s eve listening to swifts and blackbirds above the city sounds.

I’ve been recording birds for some time, in the same way others photograph them. Many thanks to Alex for pointing me to a simple way to present such recordings in the blog:

Audio embeds: (if you have a wordpress blog) install “viper’s video quicktags” and embed the URL of an mp3 file by using the “quicktime” option: only, if you just want to display the progress bar (like I have done) set the height of the quicktime window to 25 (pixels) and the width to the customary 400 pixels. [of course you need to upload the mp3 file to your server or link to an existing MP3 file]

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