Café Mouffe: Rupa and the April Fishes

Rupa is a doctor in San Francisco as well as a singer-songwriter. Born in SF, she was raised in India and France. As the title of her new CD, eXtraordinary Rendition, suggests, she is a citizen of the world with global concerns. She tells the back story of Une Americaine À Paris in a recent interview on PRI’s The World:

I was in Paris for about a week, playing music and writing music, by myself, and I had spent two days, writing, writing, writing, I didn’t talk to anybody, I was just sitting by myself.

Y avait quelques jours en silence, j’ai pas dit un mot…

[The song begins, ‘There were a few silent days, I didn’t say a word.’]

And I was in a café, and this man came and sat next to me, and he’s like, are you writing a novel, and I said, no I’m writing songs, and we had this wonderful conversation, oh what kind of music do you like, oh what kind of film do you like, and we kept going back and forth, it was such a wonderful warm conversation, until I asked him where he was from. And he said he was from Algeria. And he says where are you from, and I said, I’m from San Francisco.”

Tu n’as pas peur d’être ici à Paris, avec tous ces Arabes fâchés?…

It was just this wall came down between us, and he said, well aren’t you afraid to be an American in Paris with all these angry Arabs. If you were in my neighborhood, cwwkk, and he made the beheading motion. And a part of me was like, who is this man, I am afraid. But then I just looked at him, and I was like, no I’m not afraid, I think there’s too much of that right now.”

Je ne suis pas américaine, tu n’es pas arabe et nous ne sommes pas à Paris, nous sommes dans la vie…

[Rupa translates:]

I’m not an American, you’re not an Arab, we’re not in Paris, we’re in life.”

Lai lai lai, lai lai lai, un monde fou entre nous…

Encore: Check out “Maintenent” and “Poder” on Rupa’s MySpace page.

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  1. alex says:

    thanks so much for pointing to this. (next time you’re in Paris, Crocodisc, @ rue des ecoles should be worth a visit)

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Crocodisc — is it a club?

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