Forests in Flux

Cover graphic for Science magazine's 13 June 2008 special issue on In the 13 June 2008 issue, Science examines the future of the world’s forests against a backdrop of climate change and intensifying human activity. In Science, News reports take a look at how humans have reshaped wooded landscapes across the globe; a Review explains how forests influence climate through physical, chemical, and biological processes; and a series of Perspectives discuss studies of past forest change, predictive models of forest dynamics, and aspects of sustainable forest management. In addition, Science Careers highlights careers in forest ecology, a special podcast includes interviews about seed dispersal and tree resilience, growth of an ancient date seed, and rainforest diversity; and an online video presentation discusses some of the challenges of global forest governance. See Special Online Collection: Forests in Flux. [An AAAS subscription is needed for access to the print content.]

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