Café Mouffe: Katmandu

Maybe it’s the linseed oil. Maybe I’ve Tom Sawyered myself into whitewash rapture while trying to entice my son into painting the house. I’m having fun — more fun than an old geezer is supposed to have. Now that I’m working off a scaffold, I feel like the Donald Trump of house painters. Give me a cigar!

I first painted this house for my father when I was 21, and I’m having serious 70s flashbacks. It’s the music now, not the drugs. I’ve had a hankering to hear Bob Seeger’s Katmandu. Have to be careful with the boogie thing, though, or I’ll fall off the scaffold.

This clip comes from a 1980 concert in Largo, Maryland. Seeger still knows how to have fun, too. Check out his 2006 benefit concert for AARP.

Encore: Talk about flashbacks — what about that 70s existential question, 25 or 6 to 4?

Café Mouffe has slipped into an irregular schedule for summer. Look for it on Friday afternoons or some enchanted evening. Please drop by for a listen and a chat. Sometimes the embedded videos don’t work here due to bandwidth constraints, but you’ll always find links to video sources in the notes. Try them. If you’re curious about the Mouffe, here’s the original idea behind it’s creation.


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