Where’s My Pack of Mavericks? I Need a Smoke

The Marlboro Man looked good even when he needed a shave. [Source: Cigarette ad]

I’m sure someone counted the number of times Sarah Palin said “maverick” last night. Someone parsed every syllable and vowel inflection and tweeted it in real time on Twitter. Talk about a peck of pickled peppers…

Anyway, the number of times Sarah Palin said “maverick” must have equaled the number of times Joe Biden said “Bush.” At one point in the debate Andy Carvin tweeted that “if you say Bush enough times it no longer sounds like a word.” After hearing the Biden sound bite again this morning, I got what Andy meant. Biden said “George Bush’s” in a litany that it came out sounding like “georgebishes.” Better watch those “bishes,” dogone it, this is a family show. Someone will surely lay down a snippy rap beat with that sample.

As the debate rolled on, I realized that if you say “maverick” enough times it sounds like a cigarette brand. Give me a nicotine patch, please.

p.s. To the handful of stalwarts who get my tweets, sorry about the clutter last night. I decided to drink beer and free associate (in 140 characters or less) when I couldn’t get C-SPAN’s video stream to work on my computer. The blind flaneur doesn’t own a TV, and he probably isn’t ready for real-time micro-blogging yet. I need a Twitter tutorial and some Twitter apps with good accessibility/usability features. Any suggestions?

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