Building A Ger

Before he left for a retreat in Wesepe, Alex sent me a link to this video he made documenting construction of the ger where he is meditating, teaching, and tending the fire. It makes me think of the kind of unassuming but well-carpentered shack Brendan and I have always wanted to build at Whitefish Bay. Following local custom up there, we’d probably call it our deer camp.

Alex shared something of his trip preparation on Twitter and, which allowed me to participate vicariously in the sojourn. I love planning,outfitting and tuning the rig as much as the travel itself. Here’s a Whitmanesque list of what he took to the ger:

sleeping bag, pillow, wool zen, deel and its sash, giesswein slippers, felt boots, shaker to make butter tea, thermos flask for butter tea, fire steel, birch bark, teacup, ulu knife and board, giant gourd and gourd ladle for sweat lodge, tara thangka, offering bowls, samantabhadra statue, many khatags for students, camera and film, wind chimes, two shirts, two pairs of trousers, towels, kain, phone, some shells, notebook, slate and stylus, phurba, feather fan, bundle of sage, herbs for the lodge, string of sweetgrass, 3 60m climbing ropes, tobacco, chapka, 3 t shirts, bead necklaces for students, double knife and its whetting stone, axe and its whetting stone, jaw harp, guitar, antlers, kuksa, rattle and my cane

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