Does Twitter Transform Consciousness?

It’s the kind of question that makes Twitter-holics twitch in the night. It happened to me several nights ago after a day of schlepping through airports in a decongestant-distorted haze. I slept restlessly, convinced that I wasn’t asleep. I kept cycling through a dream loop in which I was composing a tweet about my cats, how they gave me exuberant high-five’s when I finally came back home. I couldn’t describe it in 140 characters — not their joy, nor mine. In this unconscious fugue state I felt that Twitter was the only option, and the world needed to know. I hadn’t tweeted all day. Guess that means I am an addict.

Touch It by Daft Punk brought back the dream’s weird repetitive rhythm and technological imperative. Thanks as always to augmented illusions for the clarification:

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2 Responses to Does Twitter Transform Consciousness?

  1. oberazzi says:

    I have not started to dream about Twitter yet. I can see it happening though. I hope that you have not put the idea into my subconscious.
    140 characters is becoming an important benchmark in the literacy of our society. I still can’t condense my thinking that way and I have never been long-winded.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    I hope I didn’t put it in your head, Tin. Something similar also happened to me with WordPress functions and commands. I think it results from turning those work processes into “second nature” – like breathing or riding a bike. I still know how to drive a car, although I haven’t done so (legally or otherwise) in 30 years. Sometimes I have dreams in which I am driving, and the dream editor stops them because they’re too stressful or absurd.

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