Shakira and Stevie Wonder at the Lincoln Memorial

Stevie Wonder, Shakira & Usher sing Higher Ground at the Lincoln Memorial. Check out phatpat1523‘s perspective shot from the crowd.

Shakira and Stevie Wonder. [Photo: Todd Heisler/NYT]

From The Scene at the Lincoln Memorial – The Caucus Blog – NYT 011809:

Higher Ground | 4:01 p.m. Stationed behind a keyboard high up the Lincoln Memorial steps, Stevie Wonder was just joined by Usher and Shakira for his 1973 classic “Higher Ground.”

Both the President-elect and Vice-President-elect and their families stood and clapped for most of the song – Malia Obama even looked like she took some pictures.

Usher and Shakira stood below Stevie Wonder at the start of the song, before flanking him at his keyboard by the end. After the music died down, Stevie Wonder sang the soon-to-be President’s name, acapella-style.

NPR Music reported that the Obamas were up and dancing for Steview Wonder!

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