Café Mouffe: No Putin for Eurovision

This is one song you will not hear at the 2009 Eurovision contest in Moscow tomorrow night. The Eurovision organizers rejected We Don’t Wanna Put In by Stephane & 3G, Georgia’s entry in the song competition, because of it’s offensive allusions to Vladimir Putin. Yes, the very same Vladimir Putin who calls journalists “snot-lickers.” Who knew he was so delicate a soul?

According to AFP:

With its chorus of “We don’t wanna put in/The negative move/It’s killin’ the groove”, the song was unlikely to get a warm reception in Moscow, which is hosting the contest after Russia won last year’s Eurovision competition held in Serbia.

Russian troops and tanks poured into Georgia last August in response to a Georgian military attempt to retake the Moscow-backed rebel region of South Ossetia.

Russian forces occupied swathes of territory and bombed targets across Georgia before mostly withdrawing to within South Ossetia and another breakaway region, Abkhazia.

Encore: I’m not up on this year’s hot picks for Eurovision – I’m counting on lodro to clue me in – but I’m always eager for Amina Annabi, who sang France’s entry in 1991.

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