Remix This Book: An Accessible Literary Anthology

Logo and link to Remix My Lit

Bravo to remix my lit and Sydney University Press for publishing this literary anthology in a free ebook in an accessible PDF format (1.45 MB) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia licence that encourages remixing!. Learn more about the project.

Most creative disciplines have grappled with the concept of remix. For mediums such as film, and music entire communities of appropriation (legal or otherwise) have emerged. Artists whose creative practice is contingent to the adaptation of and addition to existing creative products populate this space. But other creative disciplines are practically devoid of this creative technique.

Read/Write has always been a dichotomy in literature. The author on one side of the production process, toiling away in solitude to produce the manuscript which is read by many, in solitude. But is there a more collaborative space for literature? Can your pages be Read&Write?

Remix My Lit is a Brisbane based, international remixable literature project. The project aims to apply the lessons learned from music and film remixing to literature. It is designed to explore where remix fits into literature. It will provide a space within the discipline to encourage and foster a community and culture of remix. It will spin out a number of projects, each of which will endeavour to embed legal appropriation of works into aspects of the publishing environment. Remix My Lit is as much a research project as it is an exercise in creative practice.

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