Now Reading: Walter Mosley

I started reading Fear of the Dark by Walter Mosley, and all hope of productive labor today is hereby canceled. It’s the third novel in Mosley’s Fearless Jones series. The erstwhile private eye is a randy but impecunious used book dealer named Paris Minton. My kind of sleuth!

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3 Responses to Now Reading: Walter Mosley

  1. Sara H says:

    Hi – have you read R.L.’s Dream by Walter Mosley?
    It’s about a bluesman…I think you might like it.
    My Amazon review can be found on my profile:
    See you on Twitter…
    Bisous, Chanteuse64

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Good review, Sara. I love the paragraph you quote from Walter Mosley on the blues:

    Robert Johnson with his evil eye looking around the crowd for a woman. His fingers so tight that they could make music without strings. Music in his shoulders and down in his feet. Words that rhyme with the ache in your bones and music so right that it’s more like rain than notes; more like a woman’s call than need. Not that pretty even stuff that they box in radios and stereos. Not even something that you can catch in a beat. It’s the earth moving and babies looking from side to side.

    RL’s Dream is available from the National Library Service for the Blind (NLS) as RC 41947. I’ll order it today!

  3. Sara H says:

    knew you would like that! :-)

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