Café Mouffe: Remixing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”

It isn’t often that chart-toppers like Adele turn up in Café Mouffe. I hadn’t heard her smash hit, Rolling in the Deep, in its entirety until NPR did a feature about it. I just don’t listen much to pop radio. What caught my attention? All the remixes. I loved this quote from DJ Voodoo Farm (Liam Dirlam):

When you’re in the remixing game you look for certain things in a song. Certain songs have a lot going on in them that are really hard to eliminate when all you want is the vocal sample or basic idea. Every single DJ that has remixed ‘Rolling In The Deep’ owes [producer] Rick Rubin a huge kiss on the lips. Rubin strips down songs and exposes them for what they are. Here you have claps, guitars, bass, piano, her voice, and that’s it.

The official version of “Rolling in the Deep” has been viewed a staggering 126,042,909 times to date. Voodoo Farm’s remix with JayZ and Biggie Smalls has had a respectable 290,250 views.

Encore: When I first heard Adele several years ago,she reminded me of Dusty Springfield. Now that’s some blue-eyed soul power! She deserves an encore all her own – Someone Like You sung live on Letterman . Hope this one isn’t mashed up with JayZ and Biggie.

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