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Voices From The National Bike Summit

The flaneur is pleased to hear cycling advocates at the National Bike Summit talk about walking, too. Safe streets need multi-mode travel. [Video source: Streetfilms.org] Continue reading

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Huck, Is It Time to Light Out for the Territories?

The Yellow Springs in early March, 2008. [Photo by a blind flaneur] See Orgy Songs of the Maenads. Oh, no. My humble, walkable village has been named one of the best 10 small towns in America by Outside magazine (August … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale for Blind Flaneurs

An accident in Jilotepec, Mexico. Traffic injuries are the ninth leading cause of death worldwide. [Photo by ]Juan Garcia/AFP/Getty Images/NYT] A new report issued by the World Health Organization confirms what every blind flaneur knows. It’s a dangerous rat race … Continue reading

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The President-Elect As Frustrated Flaneur

At the end of his 60 Minutes interview last night, Barack Obama acknowledge that one of his biggest transitions as President-Elect is the loss of the simplest of pleasures: taking a walk around the neighborhood. What he says is heartfelt, … Continue reading

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A Flaneur’s Nemesis: Suburban Patio Man

Two details from the morning news stream disconcerted me gloomily as I rode to work with my car pool. David Brooks’ latest reification of the U.S. Everyman brand reduced it to one nervous, order-seeking archetype: Patio Man. “He’s happy with … Continue reading

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