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Flaneur’s Gallery: Parson Weems’ Fable

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Grant Wood. Parson Weem’s’ Fable. 1939. Amon Carter Museum, Forth Worth.
When I was five years old, before I learned to read, I laid claim to a book in the family library called Pictorial History of American Presidents. It covered the course from George to  Ike, who still held office then, and it was loaded with […]

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Orwell, Marx, and the Snake

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George Orwell wrote in his diary on August 9, 1938:
Caught a large snake in the herbaceous border beside the drive. About 2’ 6” long, grey colour, black markings on belly but none on back except, on the neck, a mark resembling an arrow head (ñ) all down the back. Did not care to handle it […]

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What If Protesters Doused The Flame In 1936?

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A German runner carries the Olympic flame into Berlin’s swastika-draped stadium in 1936. [Source: Wikipedia]
The notion that the Olympic “movement” is about individual athleticism is a myth. The Olympics have long been devoted to nationalism and the manipulation of individual aspirations for the glorification of nation-states. This haunting image is a reminder that the tradition […]

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