Carla Bruni Might Out-Bling Marie-Antoinette, But Can She Keep Her Head?

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Even high-minded blogs need a little celebrity gossip from time to time just to grease the search engines. Our resident celebrity is Carla Bruni – Italian supermodel, rock- star arm candy, First Lady of France. Her trajectory in male consorts, arcing from Mick Jagger to Nicholas Sarkozy, is further evidence that entropy rules the universe. Now a new book compares her to Marie-Antoinette when it comes to ambition, frivolity, and bling.

Has this image of Marie-Antoinette been photo-shopped with Carla Bruni’s eyes? The Daily Mail doesn’t elucidate, but it dishes the dirt:

Carla Bruni has been branded a modern-day Marie Antoinette and a ‘frivolous fashion victim who is isolated from reality’ in a scathing new book about her life as France’s First Lady.

The former supermodel’s marriage to President Nicolas Sarkozy is a relationship between two people who are ‘consumed by ambition’, according to respected historian Patrick Weber.

The Belgian-born academic describes in his new book, Queen Carla, how Bruni’s love of high fashion and obsession with psychotherapy have left her cut off from the French people.

He writes: ‘She behaves like the former queens of France, who is consorting with her king after an arranged marriage.

‘She is rich and Italian like Catherine de Medici, a follower of the arts like Anne of Brittany and a frivolous fashion victim like Marie-Antoinette.

‘A survey in 2009 found 51 per cent of French people thought she was remote and isolated from their daily lives.

‘Her status as a foreigner makes the problem worse. She is being ever more unpopular with the Italians yet has now been accepted by the French.

‘It seems she can’t behave like a First Lady because she doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle.’

It is the second time in six months that Bruni has been likened to doomed French queen Marie-Antoinette.

Last year, France’s leading high society magazine Point de Vue described the 41-year-old former model as a multi-millionaire socialite who does very little real work, and who is completely out of touch with ordinary people.

The magazine showed photos of the President’s third wife juxtaposed with paintings of Marie-Antoinette, the wife of Louis XIV whose lavish lifestyle and laziness led to her being guillotined in 1793 at the height of the French Revolution.

The magazine wrote: ‘She has the same posture, same look and same smile. And both women were well known for their obsession with designer clothers and their own physical image.’ Read more.

Point de Vue magazine cover with Carla Bruni and Marie Antoinette. [Source: The First Post]

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