Hey, Buddy, Gimme $12.95 For A Mocha Grande

Comments   2   Date Arrow  October 13, 2023 at 9:00pm   User  by Mark Willis

Times are tough, and mavericks everywhere are damping personal ambition to put Country First. This panhandler working the street outside NPR’s New York studio reaped windfall profits with his financial strategy. Someone who wouldn’t drop a buck in his basket offered him $20 for the sign. Now that’s how the free market can work for you.

Hear the panhandler’s other economic insights on NPR Planet Money.  [Photo by Caitlin Kenney/NPR]

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  • #1.   foshowley 10.16.2008

    lol great story. thanks for picking it up.

  • #2.   Mark Willis 10.17.2008

    Tu betchas! (to quote my Latin muse, Maureen Dowd)

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