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Nina Simone’s Revolution, After 40 Years

Monday, August 17th, 2009

While hippies were rolling in the mud out on Max Yasgur’s farm, Nina Simone was singing for another outdoor concert in Central Park.  It was August 17, 1969, and Revolution was in the air.  The Harlem Festival was later known as the “Black Woodstock.” As NPR’s Guy Raz explains:

There are about 50 hours of footage from the festival. The man who filmed it, Hal Tulchin, has said, at the time, there was no interest in turning that footage into a documentary, so most of it has just been collecting dust. The only parts that have been released commercially are Nina Simone’s performances, including this clip.

Undecided on Palin? Take the ‘Like a Woman’ Test

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Here’s a pop quiz to help you jump-start your day and clear your mind for tonight’s vice presidential debate. Don’t worry. I won’t take grades. Everyone gets a gold star. But I want to know what you choose, so please leave a comment or Tweet me.

According to David Brooks, this thought experiment will help you reify your opinion about Sarah Palin. When you hear the phrase “like a woman” which song do you hum:

1. Bob Dylan’s Just Like A Woman

or 2. Shania Twain’s Man, I Feel Like A Woman?

According to Brooks, if you chose Dylan you probably hate Sarah Palin. If you chose Shania, you probably love Palin.

Personally, I hum Nina Simone’s cover of “Just Like A Woman.” But if Sarah channels Shania tonight, she might just win the debate.