Imaging Paris: From Mouffe to the Marais

Comments   2   Date Arrow  September 7, 2023 at 9:52pm   User  by Mark Willis

Rue des Rosiers. [Photo by lodrorigdzin; all rights reserved]

I didn’t realize Friday night that when Alex said he dropped by Café Mouffe, he wasn’t simply humoring my imaginary conceit. He was there, in Paris, and the photos of Café Delmas were shot and posted on his Flickr site that afternoon. I am touched by this kindness. That two blind flaneurs can find such synchronicity on opposite sides of the planet is one of my greatest satisfactions in blogging.

Alex covered a lot of Paris in an afternoon, from Gare du Nord to the fifth, then from Rue Mouffetard to the Marais.  He writes of loitering (flâner):

I waited around the corner … on Rue des Rosiers, opposite Chez Marianne. There was rain, and rain brings the gift of perception of space, just like that. I was listening for people passing by, which was easy too: their footsteps echoed against the facades. And I did my shooting like in the past. Randomly, for the joy of capturing, with a sense of complete abandon.

I stood on that corner(I think it’s the same one) last summer and snapped a photo of L’As du Fallafel.

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  • #1.   alex 09.08.2023

    this is about 5 houses to the left of where you were

  • #2.   Mark Willis 09.08.2023

    I knew it had to be close, Rue des Rosiers is an intimate street.

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