Looking for Lunch in Falafel Alley

Flaneurs flock to L'As du Fallafel for ethnic street food in the heart of the Marais in Paris.
[Photo by Ms. Modigliani]

If Gavroche and his charges found themselves famished on Rue Saint-Antoine today, they might duck down a side street to Rue des Rosiers (a.k.a Falafel Alley), heart of the old Jewish neighborhood in the Marais. They could knosh at the world-famous L’As du Fallafel and never leave the street. There you pay one discounted price if you order at the window and eat where you stand. If you want to dine inside, you have get past the proprietor’s skeptical gaze and pay a premium for the seat. Gavroche would need more than a sou, though. When we ate there in June, a falafel pita cost 3-4 euros. It was one of the tastiest, and cheapest, meals we had in Paris!

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