Café Mouffe: Miles Davis & Jeanne Moreau

Comments   0   Date Arrow  October 24, 2023 at 3:00pm   User  by Mark Willis

Miles Davis has been long overdue at the Mouffe. Alex suggested Looking for Julien from the soundtrack of Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour l’échafaud ), director Louis Malle’s 1958 film debut. Jazz critic Phil Johnson has described Miles’ score as “the loneliest trumpet sound you will ever hear, and the model for sad-core music ever since. Hear it and weep.”

This clip has the noir allure of Jeanne Moreau walking through the streets of Paris in the rain. I know Alex shares my sensory affinity for glistening city streets – see his recent photo of Rue des Rosiers. Many thanks!

Encore: Jeanne Moreau sings India Song.

Café Mouffe opens evry Friday ’round 3 p.m.  Please drop by for a listen and a chat. Sometimes the embedded videos don’t work here due to bandwidth constraints, but you’ll always find links to video sources in the notes. Try them. If you’re curious about the Mouffe, here’s the original idea behind it’s creation.

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