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Lee Miller, Surrealist Muse

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Lee Miller, Surrealist muse, photographed by Man Ray, Paris ca. 1930 [Source: NYT]

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Lee Miller, War Photographer

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British Vogue photographer Lee Miller smiles in combat fatigues in Alsace 1944. It was said that no soldier could resist a photographer with a fashion model’s striking beauty. The photo was taken by her friend and colleague, Life magazine’s David E. Scherman. [Source: NYT]

Lee Miller sneaks a bath in Hitler’s apartment after the fall of […]

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Imaging Paris: Nuit Blanche

Comments   0   Date Arrow  October 15, 2023 at 6:44am   User  by Mark Willis

[Photo by Bill Cunningham, NYT]

The Sunday Style section of the New York Times includes a regular feature called “On the Street,” a gallery of candid, “F8 and be there” photos that provide a funky foil to the stylized glamor shots in the surrounding ads. The grainy half-tones in the print newspaper look like smudges […]

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