What I Want for Christmas

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[Source: NYT, Jolly nad Green, With an Agenda]

Dear Santa,

I’d love to stroll along the Seine and browse the bookstalls on Dec. 25. Will any be open for business? There is no better gift for a bouquiniste and blind flaneur than a musty old book. Any French book printed before 1900 would thrill me. AbeBooks.com includes many listings by French booksellers. Maybe an antiquarian edition of Thérèse Philosophe — mmm, think about it, Santa. You’d get into that one, too. Even Al Gore would get aroused, and recycling old books has to be his kind of green consumerism. Please, Santa. I’ll be good!

a blind flaneur

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  • #1.   ms modigliani 11.25.2007

    Dear Santa,
    One of your nasty little elves just ate my last letter to you. So I’m trying again because I do have a list for you. You might be interested in knowing that my red velvet stocking is already hanging on the fireplace, sorely in need of attention. Anything will do: chocolates, Jimmy Choo shoes, Lise Charmel and Lejaby, and of course, bling. Please Santa, bring some treasures, and I promise, I’ll be very very bad.

  • #2.   Mark Willis 11.26.2007

    Bling, eh? Wonder if there is an Al Gore-approved version of that. Santa has told me many times that he admires Lejaby, whether Al approves or not.

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