Flaneur’s Gallery: Figure

Comments   1   Date Arrow  November 29, 2023 at 6:00am   User  by Mark Willis

Eve Koch. Figure. Acrylic, 60″x40″. Private Collection of Tom Roberts.

Tom Roberts sent me images of two acrylic paintings by Eve Koch which he found in a Santa Fe gallery in 1999. Tom writes, “Her work has a frank and poignant fascination with women’s aging bodies. Sadly, Eve died from an aggressive form of cancer while in her early 50’s in 2001. Her most powerful works were completed during the last 10+ years of her life when she was obsessed with aging women. She had a very small body of work. She painted like Vermeer, taking months and even years to complete one painting. Her later works generally included personal homages to Vermeer with references to his portraits. There are a few images of Eve’s later work on a website hosted by the University of Calgary, where she was once a faculty member.” Many thanks, Tom, for sharing this art.

See also Eve Koch, Hand Applying Lipstick.

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