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Paris, je t’aime - Bastille

After I posed the rhetorical question yesterday about video tributes to world-class neighborhoods, Alex sent me Paris, je t’aime-Bastille. Point well-taken, and many thanks! According to Wikipedia: Bastille (XIIe arrondissement) — by Spanish writer-director Isabel Coixet. Prepared to leave his … Continue reading

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Forget Wisdom of Markets, Storm the Bastille!

Wait a minute, those barbarians at the gate, they don’t look like Jacobins. They’re wearing Armani suits. They’re investment bankers, tired of toxic debt, demanding a bail out! About the image: Prise de la Bastille by Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Houel [Source: Wikimedia … Continue reading

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Imaging Paris: From Mouffe to the Marais

Rue des Rosiers. [Photo by lodrorigdzin; all rights reserved] I didn’t realize Friday night that when Alex said he dropped by Café Mouffe, he wasn’t simply humoring my imaginary conceit. He was there, in Paris, and the photos of Café … Continue reading

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Imaging Paris: Rhino Rouge

Rhino Rouge.Centre Pompidou Beaubourg. [Photo by deneux_jacques] Thanks to deneux_jacques for sharing this image in the Creative Commons. See his superb photo set, Ah, Paris! Imaging Paris documents places in the city and the images that inhabit them. “Just as … Continue reading

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Lee Miller: Picasso’s Liberation

War correspondent Lee Miller visited Pablo Picasso’s studio on the day Allied troops liberated Paris in August 1944. [Source: Guardian/Lee Miller Archives] See Lee Miller: Flapper Fashionista, Lee Miller: Surrealist Muse and Lee Miller: War Photographer.

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