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Everybody Needs a Little B-Roll (It’s Good for the Soul)

I admit, in a past life I concocted this kind of PR phantasm… especially guys in lab coats with beakers full of DNA. Shitloads of that. Wish I’d had the brilliant idea to tell it like it is here. And a voice like Dallas McClain’s to pull it off! Continue reading

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No Rest for the Righteous: Even Osama Had Porn

I used to joke that the way to defeat the Mullahs was subverting them with American trash culture. Give them a taste of Brittany Spears, MTV, and spandex and you know who would win the Clash of Civilizations! The revelation last week that a secret stash of pornography was found in Osama bin Laden’s compound seems to substantiate the joke, although its spot-on irony makes you wonder if the CIA has hired some hip new script writers.

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Lady Gaga & Maria Aragon Sing “Born This Way”

The first media consumed after pondering McLuhan’s enigmatic koan was this marvelous video clip of Lady Gaga and 10-year-old Maria Aragon performing Born This Way. Maria had recorded a cover of the song in her bedroom in Winnipeg; as of this morning, her cover has had 19,245,026 views on YouTube. She realized every fan’s wildest dream when she was invited to join Lady Gaga onstage at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on Thursday night. Call it fan culture, call it participatory culture, call it one medium absorbing another – the effect is wildly moving, transcending the boundaries of fan and superstar, performer and audience.

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And the Winner Is – The Dictator’s Speech!

Forget dancing with the stars. Now you can rub elbows with the autocrats at the Academy Awards, via Zapiro’s latest political cartoon. The irreverent South African satirist appears on Al Jazeera’s Listening Post, which features his latest seditious venture – ZA News. I was pointed to this panel by AJE’s Libya live blog.

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Al Jazeera Listening Post: Shining a Light into a Media Black Hole in Libya

Via Al Jazeera English: From the media black hole that was Libya, shocking videos illustrate the revolt. Also, South Africa’s best known political cartoonist: Jonathan Shapiro.

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