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Flaneur’s Gallery: Venus with a Mirror

When I first saw the painting at age 14, I learned how the experience of art could arouse me. Arouse is not a metaphor. Strolling through a museum with Ms. Modigliani is the most enchanting kind of foreplay on a rainy afternoon. At 14 I was amazed to think that Titian must have felt this way about Venus (and the artist’s model) when he painted her. He was approaching 70 then, and he kept the painting in his studio until the day he died. I have to smile now at callow youth and everything left to learn about the sensuality of old men. Continue reading

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Robert S. Duncanson: Blue Hole, Little Miami River

Robert S. Duncanson. Blue Hole, Little Miami River. Oil on canvas, 1851. Cincinnati Art Museum.

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London Street Art Prepares for “The Thousands”

The blind flaneur needs to figure out how to get to London for this. via RJ Rushmore at Vandalog: The street art exhibition I announced last week finally has a name: The Thousands. It also has a special blog where … Continue reading

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Tracey Emin: Those Who Suffer Love

The work takes on an existence of its own … Emin at the White Cube Gallery. Photograph: [Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images/Guardian] Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones reviews Those Who Suffer Love and concludes that Tracey Emin is far from … Continue reading

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Tracey Emin & the Bad News Raccoons

What I like most about the BBC is the surrealism that surrounds listening to it in the middle of the night. My local public radio station broadcasts the BBC World Service in the wee hours. If I wake up then … Continue reading

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