Future of Journalism Is Nonprofit & Online

Are nonprofit, online newsrooms the future of journalism? I’ll bet on it. On The Media discusses it this week:

Small, web-only, not-for-profit newsrooms are springing up around the country and scooping much larger dailies with nuts-and-bolts reporting. Voice of San Diego, for example, has managed to uncover a handful of government scandals in the past few years with a staff of only ten. Executive editor Scott Lewis believes this may be the future of journalism.

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3 Responses to Future of Journalism Is Nonprofit & Online

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  2. foshowley says:

    Another home run for On the Media!

  3. oberazzi says:

    It’s tough. I do a little freelancing for my local paper (owned by McClatchy) here in Chapel Hill. They keep getting rocked by more and more budget cuts. The neighboring town of Carrboro (full of crunchie folks) has a few homegrown online and physical local newsrooms that are flourishing.

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