Every Moose Matters

A bull moose wades in the water at Isle Royale National Park. [Photo by Jim Scurlock,  a winner in Lake Superior Magazine’s 1998 photo contest]

Every moose matters, according to tonight’s NPR story about rescuing a young moose stranded on the ice in Minnesota:

The Minnesota moose is in trouble. This week experts met in Duluth to discuss the animal’s declining population. Minnesota Conservation Officer Phil Seefeldt tells the story of a recent effort to save the life of one little 400-pound moose.

Makes me think of the moose I’ve seen over the years.  Every one of them mattered, the gawky yearlings, the pretentious bulls stamping and snorting  in the rut, and most especially the obstreperous moose mamas that have sent me scrambling into trees to get away.

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