Bill Cunningham Documents A ‘Gospel Miracle’

He didn’t have a ticket to the Inauguration. He didn’t have an official assignment from the Times. Bill Cunningham just got on a train and went to Washington. He stayed on the street, where he had freedom to move and take it all in. At the moment Barack Obama put his hand on Lincoln’s Bible to swear the oath of office, Cunningham witnessed what he calls “a gospel miracle.” See and listen to his On the Street photo essay.

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One Response to Bill Cunningham Documents A ‘Gospel Miracle’

  1. tomrobertstennessee says:

    Hi Mark…Thanks for posting the wonderful moments from the Obama inauguration. With the photo of the flag-draped youth smiling contentedly, and the two folks next to him beaming ecstatically, I was struck with the gospel miracle of transformation in the symbol of our flag. During the past 8 years it had come to represent the Republican Party, Nationalism, Unilateralism, intolerance toward immigrants, disrespect for international treaties and human rights, and GOD-the competitive one, the judgmental one holding Americans up to a standard defined by the likes of Rick Warren.
    Glad to see that your blog is up-and-running again, disseminating your ruminations on the “interweb.”

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