Fauvists on Fashionista Street

Bill Cunningham imagines the Fauves and German Expressionists as he looks for audacious colors in this weeks On the Street photo essay. His advice for a gloomy economy? “Be daring. Just put on some outrageous shoes, or two different color stockings, and pick up your spirits and get on the road.”

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2 Responses to Fauvists on Fashionista Street

  1. ms modigliani says:

    I love the way Bill Cunningham thinks about colour. He couldn’t be more right when he says vibrant colour is the best tonic for what ails you. So to celebrate the coming of spring, I’m heading out with a purple glam shirt, mauve cropped jacket and fuschia scarf. Cold weather, be damned.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Matisse should paint you!

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