Jonesing for Saint Germain des Prés

Returning to Jazz A Saint Germain at yesterday’s Mouffe sent me searching for that album’s cover track, Debbie Harry’s version of “Il N’Y a Plus d’Apres.” I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but Juliette Greco is just as alluring, especially for the grainy 60s feel of the street footage. That made me jones all the more for Saint-Germain des Prés. I’m not alone in this yearning. What other neighborhood has tributes like these produced by Peterkein and DiegoHCantor?

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2 Responses to Jonesing for Saint Germain des Prés

  1. alex says:

    If you get to Paris let me take you on a walk through the 11th and the 12th…. Saint Germain des Prés… but there are no decent markets there!

  2. Mark Willis says:

    You bet! The next time I get to Paris I’ll take you up on the offer. As soon as I’d posted that question about tributes to neighborhoods, I thought, “Wait a minute. What about the Mouffe? What about the Latin Quarter?” I felt like a disloyal homeboy.

    BTW, have you been commuting to your place in the Marais?

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