Praying With John Coltrane at Antibes 1965

When I listened again to John Coltrane’s Alabama, I was moved by its prayerful tone. I heard the seeds of A Love Supreme in Coltrane’s soaring solo as well as Elvin Jones’ crashing cymbals. I hear the same life force in this live version of Naima, which the quartet performed on July 27, 2023 at the Antibes Jazz Festival. Miraculously, a fragment of A Love Supreme survives from the same gig. It makes me wonder if there are any complete live performances out there somewhere in the universe. [Many thanks to Astrotype]

Encore: While there is no good single video clip of the complete A Love Supreme, you can hear each individual section: 1 Acknowledgement | 2 Resolution | 3 Pursuance | 4 Psalm. [Many thanks to pelodelperro, who also posted a trove of Thelonious Monk clips – stay tuned.]

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