Jorge Luis Borges: The Mirror Man

Jorge Luis Borges at L’Hôtel in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, in 1969. Oscar Wilde died there in 1900 when it was known as Hôtel d’Alsace, and Borges wanted to die there, too. [Photo by Pepe Fernández/Wikimedia Commons]

If you love his writing, you must see Jorge Luis Borges: The Mirror Man, a 47-minute documentary film directed by Philippe Molins. Via Ubuweb:

Although honors came late in life to Jorge Luis Borges, his unique worldview had begun to emerge even as a child. This program examines the life and literary career of the charismatic Argentine writer, as well as the thematic, symbolic, and mythological underpinnings of his works. Archival interviews with Borges; his mother, Leonor Acevedo de Borges; his second wife, Maria Kodama; and collaborator Adolfo Bioy Casares provide insights into the private Borges, while readings from “The Mirrors,” “Dreamtigers,” “The Plot,” “The South,” “The Aleph,” and other landmarks of Latin American fiction demonstrate his virtuosity as a transformer of experiences. Watch/read more.

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