Café Mouffe: Parisian Hip-Hop with Anita Tijoux

The video note for this live clip reads: “Anita rocking the mic for the heads in Paris at the French K-Wa.” I don’t know where this is, but it’s my kinda place! It was shot in September 2009 with DJ Nakeye scratching the turntable.

Anita Tijoux has a French mother and Chilean father. She speaks French but chooses to rap mostly in Spanish. Global Hit has an interview with her this week coinciding with her first U.S. release, 1977. The title alludes to the year she was born. She says Dada and Surrealist poetry were big influences. Here’s the title track.

Encore: Check out A Veces (with Hordatoj) and Despabilate. 1977’s only French rap is Oulala. Alas, the clip ends too soon.

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