Waterloo Bridge & The Speaker’s Saucy Wife

Much ado has been made about the lewdness of the Houses of Parliament in the background, but it was the relaxed curves of Waterloo Bridge that attracted me. The scandal surrounding this photo shoot has to make Speaker John Boehner wonder what his wife is doing for Valentine’s Day.

According to  Daily Mail Online:

She’s hardly known as a shrinking violet, but this time even Sally BARCO may have overstepped the mark.

Naked, save for a sheet to protect her ‘modesty’, the Speaker’s wife gazes provocatively into the camera for an extraordinary photo taken in the shadow of Parliament.

Worse, in a racy magazine article, she then details the Bercow bedroom secrets, explaining how husband John’s lavish grace-and-favour apartment in the Palace of Westminster has spiced up life between the sheets. Read more.

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  1. jonerik says:

    Oh good grief! People have no sense of humor!

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