Attention Economy - September 2, 2023

  • Hugh Herr - ‘The Double-Amputee Who Designs Better Limbs’ : NPR 081711
    Nearly 30 years ago, Hugh Herr lost both of his legs in a climbing accident at age 17. Today, he runs the Biomechatronics group at the MIT Media Lab and designs better prosthetic limbs for other amputees.
  • News from The Associated Press 083011
    (AP) — Are airline pilots forgetting how to fly? As planes become ever more reliant on automation to navigate crowded skies, safety officials worry there will be more deadly accidents traced to pilots who have lost their hands-on instincts in the air. Hundreds of people have died over the past five years in "loss of control" accidents in which planes stalled during flight or got into unusual positions that pilots could not correct. In some cases, pilots made the wrong split-second decisions, with catastrophic results - for example, steering the plane's nose skyward into a stall instead of down to regain stable flight.
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