Café Mouffe Encore: Annie Ross on “Playboy’s Penthouse”

Jon Hendricks’s 90th birthday tribute made me insatiable to hear more from Annie Ross. This 1959 clip of Twisted includes no documentation, but thankfully, a detail-oriented viewer left this comment:

This is obviously from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy [After Dark  ‘s Penthouse] series. You can see him at the bottom left of the screen in the beginning. Lot’s of great jazz came out of this series. It was THE place to be. Notice Tony Bennet @ 1:20. Count Basie at the piano and Sonny Payne at the drums. This was 1959 so I assume Eddie Jones was on bass and I also hear Freddie Greene strumming away on guitar.

Whoa, Tony Bennet and Count Basie, too. Eat your heart out, Joni Mitchell! The 1959 TV show had to be Playboy’s Penthouse, forerunner of Playboy After Dark. I never saw TV like this in 1959. Somehow, the cool pad with piano bar and fireplace got twisted into Cafe Mouffe’s DNA.

Here’s another clip from the same episode:

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